Tuesday, 22 May 2012

One Day Project!

Today was our 1 day project, I teamed up with a lovely girl called Layla and we really got on well in a group, we discovered that we both had the same interests and it made the project sooooo much easier as we agreed on everything! We were given a piece of writing which said 'sum up your day' and we had to make a illustration based on that, which would be used to promote the college course with. We thought of the idea exploring everything we like, because most of the time i find myself looking at all the images I like, and that's something that would attract a lot of people to the college! 'Feed yourself' as Layla's teacher always told her student's too 'Feed themselves' with imagery as much as possible - so that worked out pretty well! We began working on collage, since we both enjoy it, and mixing it with out own illustrations, so we got on it right away and got a magazine to cut up - most girls love fashion magazines right!? So we started to think about the layout, and it would be a woman, eating all the things she liked, for example, paint brushes, becaue she enjoys painting, birds, because me and Layla loooove them, and also words which we come across in everyday illustration / design courses, also letting the perhaps future student's what is coming their way if they joined the course. We used words such as 'play', 'create', 'art', 'styles' to intrigue the viewer. It would be aimed at young adults most likely. Our slogan was of course 'feed yourself' they were the perfect descriptive words for what we were trying to say. As we were running short on time, we put together some illustrations and collages, then took a font which i had previously created for my Album cover one day project, it looked super good!

Here is our final image! We were really pleased because given the short space of time I think we managed it well, we placed 3rd in the competition we had at the end, drawing with someone else and there were quite a lot of people!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

One For All Update!

Here are my final components for my One for All project, I hope they match, im having some trouble making it fit in photoshop right now, I may have to make some adjustments but all will be good in the end, i am sure of it.  And for the last image, that is just a rough of the final, its literally just stuck together in 5 mins on Photoshop, so please do not judge! But wowza, I am so so sooooo happy with that girl i've drawn, i honestly didn't know I had a hidden talent to do something like that, I was forced to try and draw properly by a friend, I was complaining that I couldn't draw people but now I'm so glad I actually tried, I need to try getting out of my comfort zone WAY more often! 

The background of the beach

The tree on the beach

Unpainted white skin?

Or painted pale skin?

A quick rough, I intend to fully design the title and author font myself, i have it in rough but it needs to be perfected!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Norwich Festival: Day 1

I went down to Norwich again, but this time I went to see the Norwich festival, and ooh wow! It was kinda creepy but sooo dramatic at the same time, it was awesome. Here are some pictures me and my brother took, they really don't do any justice to how good the event was! This is the kind of thing I have nightmares about, but seeing it in person was like, I just can't put into words how good it was! Some of the things these designers come up with is astonishing, I wish i had the imagination and talent to make something so big that can cause an impact on someone like me! Well done to the Norwich designers who made these!

I would have loved to have stayed to see the rest but I had to go home, I'll be attending for sure next year!

I Wish I Made...

I wish I made a piece of work by Leif Podhajsky. It took me a long time to figure out which piece i actually wanted to create, but in the end I settled with my all time favourite, perhaps one of his most noticed pieces of work which he created in 2010. Infact got rated the 2nd best Album cover on redefinemag.com. It is the album cover of a Psychedelic rock band called Tame Impala - Innerspeaker. Leif is a Digital Artist who digitally manipulates images so that they become psychedelic. His images tend to be very bright and summery, more often than not they are repetitive, using geometric shapes and symmetry to create digital  illusions. His work is very natural and actually on his site, he says that he loves psychedelic and natural things, we have that in common. Back in Year 1 of my course, I did some photography, and since i've learnt about Leif I've noticed how similar the photos are. I want to learn how to manipulate the images as he does, and make them so serene. When I see the images, i can hear almost the music that comes from it. 

The music itself is actually really nice and exactly what I thought it would sound like:

Another reason why I like Leif a lot is that he mainly works with bands to create album covers, something which i have taken interest in, and something i would perhaps like to do more of. Leif uses colour very cleverly - it lightens the mood of the image, which ofcourse is perfect because the effect he's going for is to make an upbeat album cover for upbeat music. He draws the sound perfectly.

I hope in the future I am able to create album covers like this, along with many other impressive covers he has created. The other album cover I was going to do was a less well known piece, but equally as beautiful as this one. 

The other piece is for a band called 'SPLASHH' and it is really just a collage of photos completely saturated, it feels warm, and sweet when I look at it, like a hot summers day - like the days you can imagine if you were back the 60's at your favourite band's show in a field, with a big floral dress and a headband..... 

It almost looks like watercolour has washed the colour about, and I love it. I love using watercolours too. I always use bright hippie-like colours in my work, and i do not intend to stop! I also really like the simplicity of the circle with the album details in it, it fits in perfectly well with the image but doesn't draw, or lack attention. It's just having the skill to know small things like that look good, I did try and create an image based off this with a photo I took a while ago: I do things like this in my free time for fun, whilst listening to relaxing music.

I'd use this music, it's one of my all time favourites, it's Tycho and the song is called 'A walk':
The original album cover is actually really impressive, and not far off Leif's work, but I like mine :) I'm really proud.