Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Emotional Update

Doesn't it look good all set out neat? I love it. I'm proud of myself for creating this work & for coming so far in the 3 years i've been here. I'm really going to miss my times here and all the lovely people. A big thank you to my tutors Gary, Ian, Jo & also Rick for helping me out with lots of last minute things and guiding me for the years i've been here. Thank you to my classmates for being really awesome people & amazing illustrators, you made my time here really enjoyable! Thank you to Kieran for helping me with screen printing & teaching me loads of new ways to have fun with my work. Thank you also to Jane with my critical work in the previous years too! And a big thank you to everyone else!

Creation Animation!

TODAY! I finally made my animation. I wish i would have started earlier, it could have been better, but with everything that went wrong it was hard! Anyway, the whole story of my animation is that there is this person (which is you!) and you are a beautiful unique individual, and you are so powerful and confident that the wildlife around you creeps up to you and blossoms when it reaches your body, because you are beautiful. Take a look! :)  
The video is showing you how you could be if you believed in yourself, it's part of the campaign.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the animation on here right now, so some screenshots will   to do until i figure out whats going wrong!

The sound track I have chosen is the beginning of Karsk Kale's 'Milan'. It is serene and eastern, perfect for creating the perfect atmosphere for my animation.

Karsh Kale - Liberation

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Final Major Update

The last week I have fallen sick and not been able to get much done, so after many horrible tasting pills to make me feel better (Yes, the ones the doctor prescribed!) I feel a bit more energetic and able to get some stuff done. I've finished mostly everything, I've yet to print out my Zine, poster & business cards, and some of my creations over the past week. I really wanted to have this done in reality but right now it really can't be done.

Mug Designs
I want this mug in real life.

And my T-shirt designs 

The T-shirts are going to be tie-dyed in blue.

I have also got down to making some versatile greetings cards. These products will be used to help fund the arty campaign & ways that the audience can show everyone that they are an 'Arturselfer'.

And these have been actually made, not mocked up!
I plan to have the mock-ups of this ready for the show.