Friday, 20 April 2012

MMU Collab Update!

Helloooo again, just a quick update, check out these amazing pictures i've started whacking out of my head! I've literally shicked myself, I LOVE drawing people like this! I finally feel like this is how i'll supposed to work, but now all of a sudden I can see myself having problems drawing landscapes and things that match.... 

I also thought i'd stick in some wildlife drawings i've been making for the background of it, i'm not sure how they're going to fit in right now but I do know once i've finished colouring in Ellen (the girl above) it will look the same! :)

Friday, 13 April 2012

A Bundle of Artists

I've been browsing the web a lot recently and I've come to find that I have a number of arty websites building up on my desktop, so hey, why not share them all a little bit with you. It's how i'd like my work to be, and the kind of directions i'm aiming to go in.

Claire Coles

So i've had a look at Claire Coles design and although she is an interior designer I definitely think she's taken an illustrative approach to that kind of design. Usually I like more simple wallpapers but i wouldn't mind this for sure in my house! Very pretty french bordeaux type work, really reminds me of my Age UK brief, with all the curly furniture and florals!

Images from:

Faye Power

Birdy, polkadots, florals, fabric, i relate to this a lot, although I think she uses a lot more digital work than me It reminds me of my totem, at the start when I was creating my creatures out of papers, fabrics, and everything I could get my hands on!

Images from:

Rachael Ashe

Collage, birds, everything I love on that blog of hers! Gimme more of those collages right now! They're so neat, something I could definitely improve on?

Images from:

Martha Brown

Marthas work, again reminds me of my Totem brief, because she collages, like i did initially, and also makes fabric pictures too, although hers are more flat, it's not too far away from my own work, love it!

Images from:

Maid Marian

Marians work really really reminds me of my Age Uk project, the use of florals and the bright colours are the same kind of vintage style i like to use, I will subscribe to this blog for inspiration for sure!

Images from:


Although scrapteria is not one single person, it is an on going blog of various artists who use collage, the strictly not digital to create images. I stumbled across a lovely bird image on there, I'll keep my eyes open for more good stuff on that forum.

Images from:

Thursday, 12 April 2012

MMU Collaborative: One For All! & Amelie Hegardt

So the past few day's i've been focusing on a very intriguing story that a student from MMU has written, our job is to illustrate a book cover for the book and maintain communication with our authors and letting them know what our plans are and if they'd like any changes to it and just have an outside opinion on it. I've been working with Jamie Walsh, who is the author of One for All, it's a story about some friends who end up on a desert jungle island and resort to dirty tactics and violence to get a 'prize' they were promised, even though it was only promised on a flimsy piece of paper, and they have no clue what it is! After having read teh fost part, two of the team get attacked (and murdered), I wanted to focus on a certain aspect of the story, a quote from it saying 'her eyes secreting liquid fear leaving burning tracks down her face'. I brainstormed my ideas. From the beginning i knew i wanted to use water colour, and so i began to look at different kinds of art, I found myself even stumbling upon anime, something of which i'm not overly interested in, but something I do think of as good art. I also stumbled upon a fashion illustrator called Amelie Hegardt and instantly fell in love with her work. I like how she only outlines certain parts of body parts and enhances them with colour, she uses bold outlines and I love her style of drawing, maybe I can mix anime style with hers? I'm excited! 
If I go to the USA when year 3 starts i am going to see her work! 

All pictures from:

This one is my favourite!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

PICK ME UP! My favourite Artist

Although I didn't attend the Pick Me Up event, I did however look into some artists exhibitions, and stumbled across someones work who i was totally wowed at! Her name is Kristjana Williams and her work is made by vintage textures and photos mixed with her own illustrative drawing to create these amazing colourful works. If it's birdy it's brilliant! I just wish i'd have had enough money to go and see some more. Maybe I can get there another time! But in the mean time I did go to the Manchester Museum and also the Museum of Bolton. 

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tatton Park! & Deers

Tatton Park is one of the places I would visit anytime. It is located in Knutsford and it is a home of one of my favorite animals: the deer. There are quite a few species freely roaming the vast plains of the park and visitors can go incredibly near to them. It is fascinating to see wild life from such a close distance, also which is one of the few places left out there to with such a natural environment. Going to the park helps me build an archive of image references of the deer, improve my knowledge and further expand my artistic skills. 

Sadly after my last visit, there were quite a lot of posters advertising Tatton Park becoming a theme park which upset me a lot. I have signed a petition online to stop that from happening. Places like this should not even be considered to be changed. We should leave the few untouched by human hand locations alone.

For more info on the Petition:

And some pictures I took at Tatton :)