Sunday, 2 September 2012

Museum of Natural History & Theophilos Hatzimichael

In  nearby town, called Vrissa, was a small museum showing the prehistoric habitat and animals, and even some taxidermy of todays animals. It was only made up of 2 rooms and a small garden, and was run by donations of things that the people of the nearby towns had found. It showed bones and various bodies of animals. Although I couldn't take pictures of everything, I was able to take some pictures of Taxidermy, which i'm quite interested in, and also a cast of a Giant prehistoric Turtle, the shell was the size of a car (which they had to fit in the back yard since it was too big)! Outside they also had a pet turtle, it was lovely. 

It was bigger than me!

I love birds so much.

This is so disgusting! One of these attacked my mum in an aquarium.

Theophilos Hatzimichael

I also managed to find the wonderful house (if you want to call i a house!) of this inspirational greek folk painter, Theophilos. His paintings are inspired by mythology and tales, although they are very hard to come by because they were not well preserved and are either destroyed or wrecked beyond recognition. Some of his works that are currently still will us were once exhibitioned at the Louvre in Paris not long after he died. Theo lived in a tree, where he made most of his paintings and was not wealthy. He was happy to trade his art for some food. I was able to go inside his tree, and also some paintings he had made on a wall were still there! That was really unbelievable to see. It was a beautiful lush place down in a forest by a very clean river, surrounded by nature, which Theo was also greatly inspired by. He was truely a lucky man to have so little and live a happy life. He died of food poisoning in 1934. If anyone finds their way to Lesvos, this place was a must.