Thursday, 31 October 2013

Late Night Epiphany and Rants

So tonight i've been hit by a huge wave of enlightenment / inspiration. I was just casually listening to U2 and my imagination started going wild. I've been trying to perfect the way i'm drawing human figures and faces, for a little while now. And I know practice is what makes perfect in this scenario. But I feel like i keep hitting a huge brick wall recently, theres something visually missing or wrong and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's just a lack of substance so far, since most of them have been personal meanings.

Another thing that i've strangely come to just this very moment realise is that i need to stop comparing myself to other people. It came in to my mind for a sec and it seemed like one of those statements that people just say but because it's so over used nowadays it just doesn't sink in, but it kind of came back and hit me about how serious and how much that is holding me back. I know most people probably won't care, but writing this down really helps me organise my head. Anyway, I realise that no matter how much I adore Ellie Willis' style of drawing, even though it is amazing, that's not my style, and even though it may not be as realistic, or so intricate, mine is the same but on a different side of the spectrum. It just knocked me off my chair like how much it's making me feel negative towards my own creations.

And I know it's off topic but i need to stop comparing myself to people, period. It hit me so hard that THAT is my biggest problem and ridiculously terrible habit. I know it sounds stupid how someone can just suddenly realise (when it should be extremely obvious) but when you're mind is kind of full, it doesn't focus on one specific thing and I think tonight i hit a point where i really had a strong sense of self focus. I know i knew it all along but it really came into focus tonight.

It's not much, cause I don't feel like sharing some of them, but here you go :)