Monday, 30 January 2012

Album Covers & Ed Sheeran

Not so long ago we had a special typographer come in from Poland (and I can't for the love of god remember her name! I'm embarrassed as she was so lovely and helpful). We were told to do a few tasks during the day. We had a limited amount of time to draw the first thing that came into our head when she said a word, for example, one was 'Stop' and I drew a traffic light. Another was 'Love' and I drew a heart with type in it. After that we were told we'd have to come up with a type face. So i made this wonderful typeface using a pattern i'd found in my paper collection.  The letters were all uppercase and quickly cut out. After that we were old this was going to be the type face for an album cover that we were going to make, I actually jumped at the thought of doing that - i LOVE making album covers, they're fun, easy, and open - and you get to indulge yourself in great music... so I decided to do Ed Sheeran as I looove his music so much. I worked with black & white collage, pattern to create an album to my favourite song of his called 'A Team'. It had not been released long ago. I didn't use the song title on the cover but I used the first words he used in that song saying 'White lips, pale face' and if i'd have had more time I'd honestly have written the whole song. It's beautiful.

My final work is really one of my favourite things i've made this year, or ever actually. I'm surprised what I could do in so little time...

First attempt

My Final, it looks so good against the wood, it was supposed to be part of the album cover. The Typographer was very helpful, I don't think i'd have done something so impressive without her help.
Thank you!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Nails Art!

Doing nail art is a personal hobby of mine, though i'm only an amateur I hope to get better and better. I look to nail forums online and art around me to inspire what I do to my nails. Most of the designs are based on the fashion industry and what's hot right now. My designs range from simple to more complex designs, some even humorous. I'd be delighted to start doing this perhaps professionally as a hobby to do on the side. I've received compliments regularly asking about my nails. I have done nails at a young girls birthday party and received an overall good feedback!

Take a look:

Space Nails

Aztec Nails

Floral Nails (My favourite)



Skulls :P

Aztec again

Picture from:

 Aztec designs are really big in fashion and personally it's one of my favouite themes that has been popular in fashion. I love ethnic prints, especially when they're colourful!

Picture from:

Theres some really great stuff on that site!

Update & Julie Arkell

My head is complete! After watching Sheena I feel like i've really learnt something good. I actually found that doing the type on her eye make up came really easily to me. I wanted it to be curvy, flowing and perfect like a ballet dancer. Doing it as a detail on the eyeshadow couldn't have worked any better than i'd planned it to!

Updated pictures:
Pre Type.


I added an extra layer of white so it looks smoother.

Whilst doing the head i've been looking at Julie Arkells work, she works with cloth and paper maché and collages it primarily, and sewing too. It looks wonderful. Although my swan is more of a sewing type of design i'd like to try out paper mache. I find similarities in out use of colour, lots of reds & whites, and also a lot of her work is 'cute' rather like my own. I would like to start working a little more like that and I will look to that in briefs to come.

Pictures from:
Tippy is so cute. I want one!

I would love to try out more embroidery.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Heads, Shoulders, Bjork & Hats?

My Head is well on it's way to being done (not my actual head haha! Though I did think about getting a real person, a model, but it posed too many problems). I've painted the base, eyes and lips on, and i'm so proud, i think it's fantastic. Oh and yes I did get the head from the salon. It's perfect! I do However need to shave the hair off of it. I want her hair to be invisible, as if it's slicked back flat on her head. I'll need gel for that too.

Well moving on from that i've been talking with a Hazel and we got talking about Bjork's swan dresses, I couldn't resist taking a peek at some of her fabulous clothing... and I looked into the designer of it too. It's pretty impressive. Marjan Pejoski is the designers name, he is Macedonian but lives here in Britain. His work always stands out, and i'm a sucker for good fashion! 

Picture from:

Picture from:

 Picture from:

I really want these Zebra shoes...
Picture from:

And whilst we're on the subject, I love Bjork's music. It's like going to a theatre and hearing her live, her lyrics are kind of strange, but i love it. She always has great album covers.

This was also a track used on Suckerpunch, I did love Bjork previous to Suckerpunch and this is my favourite song, it's nice to hear it in a movie :)
This song is mesmerising, I can't describe how much I love it!