Sunday, 26 August 2012

Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest & Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production

During our last couple of days in Lesvos we decided we could not miss out on one of the most notorious attractions of lesvos despite knowing that it would be a long treacherous journey, Lesvos is the 3rd biggest island in Greece and Sigri, where the museum is located, was on the opposite side of the  island. It was well worth the time and dodgy roads, it was amazing what time and a little bit of volcanic ash can do to trees! 

The Olive Museum

The olive museum was also some thing we visited in the last few days. It was not very high on our to-do list but since it was not too far it was well worth our time. It showed us an in-depth look into what the workers had to do to create the renowned olive oil of Greece, and also presented the agricultural side, and the technological development Greece was going through during the time the oil mill was in production.

I found this weird! In Greece :)

It was huge!

Hello! (This is me)

Really cool old box designs!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Acropolis Museum

During my summer holidays, I went away to Greece and Turkey, and I made it a point to go and visit every museum I could find, regardless of the content. I had a really great 2 weeks and I am pleased to share some wonderful photographs of some of the places i visited. The First museum visit I will share is my Visit to Acropolis Museum, Exhibition of Archaeological Findings, which contains archaeological findings from the athens area related to the  Acropolis of Athens, which is an ancient citadel, within it lying the Parthenon, the most famous structure within the citadel. The Parthanon is a temple dedicated to ancient greek gods. The exhibition has art, pottery, decorations, ect from the Acropolis itself.