Thursday, 20 November 2014

Tomorrow's Presentation

Hello everyone! So tomorrow I'm going into work and giving a presentation on self expression through art, this has been such an awesome thing to do and I feel totally in my element. Not only do i get to do art, but i get to experience it with others and help them!


So here is my powerpoint, I'm sorry about a couple of things.
  1. The english isn't good because it has to translate well into Bulgarian, it does make sense but some grammar is not good. 
  2. Also, the last slide will not play, so it has to be played separately. 
My talk will involve what my presentation is about (I will obviously have a translator since my Bulgarian is not up to scratch and this is something that cannot afford to be mistranslated). The topic is helping people express themselves. There was a point raised by a student that she did not enjoy making art in certain ways other than the way she likes and knows, so this will hopefully nudge them to exploring other techniques and give them the desire to try new styles. I believe the lack of not wanting to change comes from a lack of inspiration, self confidence or ar unaware of other styles, because this is exactly the way I felt about myself and have had friends in the past feel the same way. I will instill self confidence through this process. So, enjoy!

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After the presentation I will que the video which will launch my ongoing project with them. Oh my god i am soooo excited!

Let's Make a Fingerprint Racoon from Animade on Vimeo.

My project idea is to make a visual journal. The journal cover will be our starting point for the day. We will make pictures of ourselves, in mascott form and put them on the cover. The mascott will represent yourself in the most postitive way, in whatever style they feel most adequate. And from there on we will start with page number 1. This will include a picture and some text, anything they want and feel is appropriate to describe something e.g:

  • How their day went
  • How they currently feel
  • What their hopes and dreams are
  • Goals 
  • Things that make them happy
  • Life events
The journal is something that they can read and discover things about themselves. The journal will be examined by the psychologist in order to help them though something (all the children have different problems). So in order for them to better express themselves and move on, the journal will always be a go-to place to let off negative emotions in a positive way. It also allows a lot of self reflection in a positive manner. Positive thinking is the best!

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